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Gym Leader Jasmine
White 2

Rusty ♂ lv. 31 @ Leftovers
Sturdy | Quiet
[ Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Smack Down, Heavy Slam ]

Allison ♀ lv. 31 @ Scope Lens
Steadfast | Bashful
[ Counter, Quick Attack, Return, Force Palm ]

Amphy ♂ lv. 30 @ Amulet Coin
Static | Naughty
[ Thunder Wave, Return, Strength, ThunderPunch ]

Talihina ♂ lv. 31 @ Eviolite
Hustle | Serious
[ Wish, Nasty Plot, Thunder Wave, Flamethrower ]

Aaron ♂ lv. 30 @ Mystic Water
Torrent | Jolly
[ Scald, Ice Beam, Peck, Metal Claw ]

We finished the Desert Resort and went on to Nimbasa City to see the lovely sites! We went to check out the sports stadiums and beat some trainers and got some...Potions...yeeeah, exciting I know. We went on to the route to the east of the city and battled more trainers and got up toe level 30. That was good enough to take on the gym leader Elesa. It was really easy with Rusty in the lead, though I'm sure the going will get tougher from here...

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