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Style is how you act and dress really.

I used to wear just dorky clothes and I was smart acting and stuff..

Now I find jeans a band t shirt and a zip up hoodie to be comfy, and I sit in my desk all lean back and chill, I pretty much act like a frat boy but I'm different..ish.

I think to really know someone you gotta talk to them first though.

The whole clothes and the way I sit gradually developed as a comfort thing, but I get so much more attention so I just kept doing it.

Tip is, act laid back. If you show weakness, others will take advantage of that. Just keep your cool and people will respect you. And wear cool shoes.

Nah but really, clothes help (cruel truth, style does help popularity guys) but I have some awesome unpopular friends. I hang out with them all the same time, we're a weird mix of pretty much everyone.

You just gotta get to know people.
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