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I apologize I forgot to include this, but I'm remembering now. The Meloetta has about three battles under her belt. I understand perfectly if you don't want her any more, but I apologize for forgetting to include that. She's still LV 50, has only a sixth or so of her xp bar filled.

Quote originally posted by Dyl-icious:
Would you want to trade the Oblivia Deoxys for WORLD12 Pikachu?
Sure, sounds like a plan. Let me know when you're available, I'm usually on during the times in my thread but if we need to make adjustments it's perfectly viable

Quote originally posted by Murt93:
Ah well in that case I have all the ones in bold too umbreon,metagross,tyranitar,rapidash,haxorus,gyarados and lugia are my shinie's, not sure if your interested in dw mon's but I have a few nice one's of those too
Do you by any chance have a DW Gothitelle male?

Keldeo, Groudon, Rufflet/Braviary, Solosis/Reuniclus, Duskull/Dusknoir for the lot?

Quote originally posted by ~RNC~:
Hello what is the nature if this one please:
SPR2013 Meloetta

Quote originally posted by tabor62:
Could you check my thread for these?

-Japanese Movie Darkrai (Bold)
-Oblivia Deoxys (Lax)
-GAMESTP Jirachi (Serious)
-SMR2010 Jirachi (Quiet)
-SPR2013 Meloetta (Quirky)
-FAL2010 10th Anniversary Mew (Lonely)

My thread is in my signature
I'm interested in Shiny Zorua, Ponyta, Dratini, and the WIN011 Dogs and Celebi.
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