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I will have to start from the top, and that's what I intend to do.

Yeesh that Fakedex is too big for me to judge, but I can judge that some of them might be really old. The only suggestion is that, the evolutions should be more 'evolution-ish', and if ever they aren't, then their pre-evos should be less of their advancements. What I mean by this, is, that some of the evolutions don't look very fierce, serious or grown-up, for that matter. It might be due to lack of good shape and elegance, the the good ol' eye-effect. But that's understandable, since they may be old and need revampments.

The backsprites are excellent, and I see no direct flaw, which is why I'll leave them off, since I detest backsprites in general.

Of course, I have inspected the backsprites prior to this post, and see that the shading given is sufficient and well-placed, if not perfect.

The Delibird Autumn forme is looking pretty much like... well, a Delibird Autumn forme, so I'd say that nice hairdo really sticks off.

All the trainer sprites are generally good, except the the Dragon guy. For one thing, 'Drake' is the dragon-type Elite Four in Hoenn (Duh, cuz Imma Hoenn fan), so you'd better change the name. Also, his chest and six-packs are weird, and he seems to be out-of-pose.

Will comment on rest later!

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