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Ostriches. Fudge em'... fudge em' all.

Volt directly stared at the ostrich angrily as it picked at the grass. What the hell was... was... that THING doing in front of him? He wanted a horse, and the conditions he had listed only applied to them, right? No. Maybe he should've been more specific in risk of getting a tortoise or something?

He sighed. Never mind that, he would never get back to the academy at this rate... the best thing to do would be to somehow prop himself onto the ostrich, in the middle of the forest, and hope that he can somehow get to the academy before anyone noticed where he had gone... wait a sec. Volt gasped, and then nearly slapped himself over his stupidity.

Milly, you idiot, you forgot about Milly!

Damn it, damn it all. Hopping onto the ostrich angrily and furiously, he yelled in its ear. "Get us out of this forest! I don't have the time to..." he quieted down, remembering that he could possibly still be in earshot of that Oz person. But it didn't matter; the ostrich was surprised and suddenly lurched forward at exceptional speed, nearly flinging Volt off it if he hadn't hung on to it's pink neck. Through and under trees, hit by shrubs and bushes, his frustration grew exponentially as the ostrich continued it's run.

Finally, Volt began to see a clearing ahead... he sighed. Hopefully he was near the school, which he was. Skidding to a halt right before he reached the clearing (and nearly breaking the ostrich's neck- since he was pulling it back so hard- to do so, for good measure), he looked at the sports field ahead. He wanted to get to the dorms first, no doubt, and treat his varies scrapes by himself. He felt his face, and his third eye, and all of that. He sighed in relief- he was fine there. But his arms were full of scrapes, and his torn bandages revealed reopened scars. His leg had a bruise or two, but otherwise it was surprisingly fine. He unsummoned the ostrich and walked into the dorm, reapplying his bandages and changing out of sweaty clothes, preferring shorts over long pants, even if he did have some bruises. He did put on a gray hoodie, though, to avoid anyone asking about why there were bandages over his arms. He knew the answer to that question, but he wasn't ready to give it.

He walked to the cafeteria, got some food, and thanked the workers eagerly. He then looked around. He saw Milly sitting at a table, on her own. C-c-crap... He sat down in front of her, but he could barely bring himself to speak. He stayed silent for a few minutes, eating, until he was able to say something. He was screwed, no doubt... at least, that was how how he looked at it.

"Ah... sorry?"

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