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Been awhile since I last updated ._. I'm bad, I know. Since I updated I got a new computer, so I have been playing with all the new windows 8 features and such, not so much working on this game. But I do have most of the Arena set up and all pokemon are added in. I don't know if I said this before, but the legends museum is also set up with the statues ready to be added once I make them. I have the post story all drafted out, I just need to tweak it some more so it isn't too cliche.

Arena: I only have the Ice pokemon trainers to add in, then I can start adding in pokemon for 30-end.
Wild Pokemon: All finished except the Kecleon trade if I want to add it in later.
Overall Progress for Beta 4.0: Almost there, maybe. Hopefully by May I have it out <3
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