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Now that he had decided he did not require a Purrlion, Leon decided he would make his way through the route as fast as possible. "Konoha and Pups, steal the show!" Leon shouted as he released his Pups from his Pokeball and Konoha climbed off his shoulder. "Let no Pokemon get in our way! Use Tackle to knock them out of our way and Leaf Blade to cut this grass." Both of Leon's Pokemon looked at him in confusion. Pups simply walked back to Leon's leg and Konoha jumped back on to his shoulder. "Guess that was asking for too much." Leon decided to walk through the grass slowly as to not approach more Pokemon. His plan was going well until a Purrlion jumped out of the tree and on to his face. "Oh no get this thing off me!" Konoha swiftly moved and used Vine Whip to pull the cat off her trainer. Pups followed up with a Tackle. The Purrlion fainted and Leon swiftly ran out of the Route. "We almost made it out without a hassle. But at least we are here in Struaton City! Where ill claim my first badge and truly be on my path to be a top coordinator." Leon made his way to the gym but was immediately stopped by an old man. "Sorry sonny, but the Pokemon you're packin' aren't enough for this gym unless you want a grade A smackin'." Leon was confused by the strange old man. "Then what Pokemon do you suggest I pack, Mack?" "Go to that there dream yard and train up a bit then you won't have to get your butt kicked." Leon nodded his head and headed in the direction of the man's finger. Before he stepped through the passageway he sensed something weird. He ignored it and went into the passageway to the dream yard. Once he was in the dream yard his body began to shrink. When Leon looked up he saw that he was as big as his Konoha and Pups. "What is going on here!?" "The trial is about to begin, chosen trainer."
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