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Quote originally posted by HyperXhydra:
Can you please tell me how did you make the vs mugshot appear? also how did you change the color of it? I really want to make it appear for specific trainers like the gym leaders.

I also like the attacks background, great job.
Quote originally posted by hackstar:
Really chaos rush....I also wanna know how did you did the vs mugshot and battle background.....very interested to know....

For the VS mugshot, Jambo51 posted a method of doing it, which can be found here:

As for the edited battle backgrounds, I simply edited with unLZ GBA, and changed the palettes with APE.

EDIT: also, that world map I posted earlier is not final. I recently found out that FireRed doesn't like it when you have the world map using more than 1 tile per city, as it screws up your positioning on the Town Map.