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Quote originally posted by Dragoon:
No, no, the post you want is the post before that.

Okay, now it's more unclear to me... Which one?

080008aa 8b91 ldrh r1, [r2, #0x1c]
080008ac 1c18 add r0, r3, #0x0
080008ae 4008 and r0, r1
080008b0 2800 cmp r0, #0x0
080008b2 d0fa beq $080008aa
080008b4 bc01 pop {r0}
080008b6 4700 bx r0

080008aa df02 swi $02
080008ac 8b91 ldrh r1, [r2, #0x1c]
080008ae 1c18 add r0, r3, #0x0
080008b0 4008 and r0, r1
080008b2 2800 cmp r0, #0x0
080008b4 d0f9 beq $080008aa
080008b6 bd00 pop {pc}

And I just compile using ASM and I'm good?


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