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I got my sheet protector for my cards today, and already organized all of them, by generation. First to the [future] Sixth. I forgot to mention in my other post, I also bought three more cards - 2 of Watchog and 1 of Patrat (being my #1 favorite at the moment, I want one of each card made for them):

May not be Pokemon related, but I'll use them for Pokemon -

I spent some time putting them in order - I still need Serperior, Pignite, and Emboar from the page I took photo of:

The three cards I ordered - 2 of Watchog, and really loved the Patrat's pose on the card, so I had to get it.

Edited: 3-19-2013 - my Pokemon order arrived today
• Oshawott plush
• Pignite plush
• Servine plush
• 5 individual Pokemon cards
• Reshiram box

Oshawott!! I can't decide on her nickname, either Miju, or my friend that likes Oshawott here on PokeCommunity, Hikari

Pignite plush, I have not decided on nickname

Servine plush, again, no planned nicknamed at the moment

5 individual cards I choose, based on their design on the card, for my Pokemon Card collection

Reshiram Box, really love the small figurine, I can't wait to get Zekrom next.
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