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Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
Yeah, I had the filler feeling stuck in my head too. As far as I can tell, the last few scenes with Rick and Phil lying to their respective groups was the most important bit of the episode. The sneak peak of next week's episode interests me more, though. Andrea seems like she finally got things set straight.
I second this. I think we can all agree that it's about damn time Andrea got her act together. :c She's such an awesome character and I really want to see her be that amazing woman she is in the comic we know she is.

Speaking of the comic, on March 13th issue 108 of the Walking Dead was released. This issue is part 6/6 of the latest arc and marks the end of Volume 18! Issue 109 is the beginning of Volume 19 and will be released on April 10th.
Rumors have it that issue 109 is about Maggie and Sophia picking up the pieces after Glenn's dea---- uhhhhhh.. accident. >_>;
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