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Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
Out of curiosity, did you modify any other base scripts?
Umm, off the top of my head:

I added a toggle run/walk button as the "S" key (FL.'s script I believe. tutorial on the wiki)
I made it possible to speed up surfing/diving just like running. (Press the run key to go faster)
Changed a lot of text colors
Added Following Pokemon with help from lots of people
Edited the load screen script with Carmaniac's script
Added speech bubbles from Carmaniac's script
Added a custom menu with Venom12's help
Changed the picture that shows up in the trainer card
Maruno helped me change how reflections show up to let some of my events work
Changed the position of the icon that shows where the player is on a map to allow for a taller icon

There are probably a couple more but thats what I can think of.

Anyway, I didn't end up liking the trainer card much. I was bored so here's a new version