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I always forgive and forget. When people say "I forgive but I don't forget", that says to me "I don't really forgive". If you don't forget then there's no point in forgiving because if you don't forget then it denies the other person the opportunity to redeem themselves.

That doesn't make much sense, so I'll give you an example. Say you have a newish friend and he's all lovely and it's not in his character to be nasty, but one day you really really frustrate him to the point where he snaps and swears and yells at you. It's an extremely out of character moment for him and it upsets you a lot. He apologises and you forgive him but you don't forget. In your mind, he's now the kind of person that would swear and yell at his friends and even if he never raises his voice to you again, it won't make a difference because you don't forget so he'll always be that guy to you.

It leaves no room for improvement or redemption. It's silly and juvenile not to forget when you forgive.

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