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You're welcome, j_Woo! Looks like a fun team. ^-^

And finally, I get started on my challenge. Since half my team aren't available and two of them don't appear until much later, I wanted to hack/trade in the unavailables after the first, second, and fourth gyms, just to space out my team. But... I ended up just hacking all three in as soon as I could catch pokémon (all at Level 1), so I could get that out of the way. >_< I hope that's fine. Anyways, as of this first update, I'm up to three badges. Here are some details, if you're interested:
  • Named myself "wave," as usual. The rival is "Hugh" because I'm unoriginal. Set my usual options, including "Set" battle style.
  • Started the game with Tepig, as my Fire-type.
  • Beat Hugh and did the usual beginning stuff.
  • Bianca showed me how to catch a pokémon, and so I hacked in Archen as my Rock-type, Squirtle as my Water-type, and Shaymin as my Grass-type. All were at Level 1, which meant that Shaymin only had Growth. The party should remain at four for a while, but now the fun really begins!
  • Beat Hugh at Floccesy Ranch using Squirtle's Tail Whips and Tepig's Tackle.
  • Progressed the plot (got Frustration, meaning Shaymin has a damaging attack), and found myself at Aspertia Gym against Cheren. Archen weakened Patrat and made Cheren use up a Potion, but that accursed Defeatist ability! Ah whatever, Archen's amazing (it's my first time training one)! A combination of Squirtle and Tepig took down Patrat and Lillipup. And so, we won the Basic Badge!

  • Made our way over to Virbank City. Did the Virbank Complex (this place always makes me smile, as I used to be a chemical engineering student) stuff. I think this was the first place any of my pokémon fainted.
  • Faced off against Roxie in the Virbank Gym. I can't remember what happened in this battle. I want to say Archen, Squirtle, and Tepig participated, but I'm not sure if Archen actually did. :/ Anyways, we did win the Toxic Badge, so at least I know that I won.

  • Did the Pokéstar Studios tutorial and got my free Lemonades. Those'll come in handy later, and I may come back to make some more movies and cash. After all, I was quite a studios fanatic when I first played. ^-^
  • Fought our first Team Plasma members.
  • Got Cut, caught a Purrloin, and taught it Cut. I guess it'll be traveling with us for a while for our cutting needs.
  • Rode the boat to Castelia City.
  • Did my usual exploration of Castelia and scored a bunch of free items.
  • Visited Route 4, which definitely surprised me! It's so different from White 2's Route 4! :O
  • Same thing with the Castelia Sewers. No water? It's interesting how the paths you travel change depending on which version of the game you're playing. I wonder how you can reach the other areas in this version. Anyways, explored the sewers and chased Team Plasma away.
  • Also checked out the Relic Passage. Or what little I can check out, at least.
  • Challenged Burgh at the Castelia Gym. An interesting battle, that was! Swadloon was no problem with Tepig's Flame Charge. When Dwebble was sent out, I had Tepig use Defense Curl. But tricky Burgh used Rock Polish, so that speed boost from Flame Charge didn't help much. An exchange of Smack Down and Rollout ensued. He used a Hyper Potion, and Dwebble survived the third Rollout with Sturdy. I couldn't do anything during Rollout, so another Smack Down knocked out Tepig. Archen replaced him and finished off Dwebble with AncientPower after taking damage from Smack Down. He was down to slightly less than half HP (activating Defeatist), but AncientPower did raise all stats! Pluck did significant damage to Leavanny, as well as eat up its Sitrus Berry (no more Defeatist!). Unfortunately, String Shot made Leavanny faster for next turn, so back to the Defeatist state. Its attack wasn't enough though, and a weakened Pluck defeated it, winning us the battle and the Insect Badge. ^-^

The team so far:

CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to lose
AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural Cure
ItemCharcoalHard StoneMystic WaterLeftovers
MovesReturnReturnReturnMagical Leaf
RolloutAncientPowerTail WhipLeech Seed
Flame ChargePluckWater GunReturn
Defense CurlRock SmashBiteGrowth
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