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Okay, so last time I posted here I was just about to challenge Falkner and show him who's really the Flying-type Master. Hoothoot blasted through the Gym with relative ease, barely backed up by Zubat. I then decided to catch myself a Hoppip, got a Togepi Egg, hatched it and decided I would be satisfied with a Bashful nature for my future Togekiss. Just before going through Union Cave, I decided that I wanted to use a Gyarados, so I caught myself a beautiful, Adamant Magikarp. And then I headed towards Azalea Town, kicked Team Rocket out of the Slowpoke Well and prepared myself for Bugsy. His Scyther was a bit of a *****, but eventually, after having Hoppip poison the mother****er and having Zubat confuse it, Togepi managed to take it down with Extrasensory. Then his two cocoons went down easily.

My team so far:


Zubat, lv. 18
Female // Jolly // Inner Focus
- U-Turn
- Wing Attack
- Roost
- Bite

Togepi, lv. 18
Male // Bashful // Serene Grace
- Extrasensory
- Charm
- Sweet Kiss
- Metronome

Hoppip, lv. 16
Male // Jolly // Leaf Guard
- PoisonPowder
- Synthesis
- Sleep Powder
- Tackle

Hoothoot, lv. 16
Female // Calm // Keen Eye
- Uproar
- Peck
- Foresight
- Hypnosis

Magikarp, lv. 10
Male // Adamant // Swift Swim
- Splash
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