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Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
That map, atleast for me, doesn't zoom in all the way. It's pretty blurry. Though from what I can see you're trying to adopt a "natural" mapping style type. Sadly from this far I can't spot any tile errors (I say sadly but it's normally good if there aren't tile errors ), maybe if you post one part at a time it'd be easier.

Oh, and another thing I noticed is that you're editing existing maps. It's OK to do so and there's no problem with it, but when it's noticeable it seems a little sub par. Maybe if you changed the map connections? Like instead of the home town branching up, and the second town branching up...ect like the default Fire Red game. You should change it

Yeah, I can't rate you without a clear map but from what I can see it looks pretty good.

My turn!


Credits to Kyledove and Cope for tiles
BTW You initially go from left to right

NIce starter route, looks a bit empty thoug 6/10

My map:
Map name None
Map Game maybe
Map comments: just some rehab, really.
Map [IMG][/IMG]
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