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I don't know. I can see the challenge in using Pokemon that are in the regional dex, but not introduced in that generation (ex. Using Bellossom and Girafarig in Emerald) and that would be neat, but using Pokemon that aren't in the regional dex at all would just mean trading in a team of whoever you want that's from another regional dex and I don't see the challenge in that. I mean, you end up having to do that for the Random challenge or Favorite challenge, only this one would let you pick what you have. idk. It just doesn't seem that interesting. Like I said, using Pokemon in a game of the gen they weren't introduced in would be okay, like Johto Pokemon in Hoenn, but eh.

I'm a bit scatter brained right now, sorry lol. Someone else might be able to pick up on something I'm not getting. I'm trying to clean up my room rn though so...
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