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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Why is everyone worried about Oshawott leaving Ash's group despite being one of the least favorite starter Pokemon from the fandom?
Because maybe people actually do kind of like him. :|

So tumblr has gifted me with this image:

and that's the biggest size I can find it in :( but! Is that James in the top centre with Jessie and Meowth? I mean who else would it be, right? And the eyes def look like his. but, but, it looks like he's crossdressing again?! And look, they def gotta be back in Kanto. So many Beedrill. And what's Meowth doing in that last one? Is there going to be like an episode or half of one where the Pokémon all go off together without trainers and???

Trainer Muay

chapters ► one - two

► from Ceriah; traveling Sanctuare
► searching for former coach Capoeirah
► best friend: Langley (Pawniard)
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