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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Have Magmar.

Update #1

- Got my starter pokemon Flora (Bulbasaur) and lost, shamefully, to my rival.
- Delivered Prof. Oak's parcel and got the Pokedex.
- Bought 15 poke balls and caught my second team member, Pige (Pidgy).
- Beasted through Varidian Forest and through Brock, all with Flora.
- Grinded outside Mt. Moon until I got bot Flora and Pige evolved and to level 18.
- Went through Mt. Moon, got the helix fossil and destroyed Misty.
- Headed towards Bill's house, beat my rival, this time, on the way.
- Got the TM version of Dig back.
- Raced over down to the third Gym's City (forgot the name of it >.<)
- Got HM01 from the S.S. Anne and watched it leave, with a tear running down my pixelated face.
- Now, I'm ready to face the third Gym.

Current Team:
Lvl. 25
Cut (Didn't want to make him learn this but had to -___-)
Leech Seed
Vine Whip

Lvl. 26
Quick Attack

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