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Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
Do you plan on having a mascot pokemon? Will the game only have real pokemon?

I can only think of using Celebi since it is the time pokemon. This could be like "Pokemon 4 Ever" almost
We were thinking Celebi as well! Also, I think we'll use real Pokemon, because I dont know how to design / sprite Fakemon @_@

EDIT : Added a WIP of the starter town, Garland Town.

Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
Personally I like the idea of female only gameplay haha, Games seem to be male dominated, more so with Pokémon. You never see a female only game that has attractions to both genders, but you do see the opposite, so thats a nice little unique thing you have going on.
As for your game, eevee is nice, but why would the Professor have it? Personally you may want to tie Cedar in with Rowan, as in, close friends, or assassitant or something, since Rowan is an evolution specialist, and would explain why Cedar would have an eevee
another thing, Ben looks like a girl haha, unless ben is a girl, then I apologize

Anyway, This game sounds really cool! And I cant wait to see what you do with it
Oh, I completely missed this reply! I never really thought of that. I guess he might of gotten it from Rowan, haha.
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