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So, I really wanted Bianca to win. Like, the whole season I was really rooting for her character to be perceived as a total klutz but end up winning the whole darn league. I thought that would have been a cool twist of events. Alas, as we saw, that did not happen.

Actually, the second episode of the league was much better than the first. I still wouldn't call it "good" but it was definitely better. The entire episode was centered around battling, which is how it should always be in episodes like these. My only major complaint is how Pikachu struggled so much against Trip's Serperior, barely landed an attack before, and then managed to win the battle in one hit. Obviously Ash had to win this, but I just felt like the writers really rushed the whole thing and I found Ash's win against Trip hard to swallow. I would say "hard to believe" but this is the anime we're talking about and some pretty wonky things have happened already.

However, props to putting in a move combination. It felt very Hoenn/Sinnoh-esque with all of the focus back then with move combinations for contests. I can't remember last when Ash did that.

I did like the battle between Bianca and Cameron though! I thought that was pretty entertaining to watch. Well, their second battle (Riolu vs. Emboar). Their first round was so terrible what with how quick Bianca's Escavalier fainted from a physical move after getting in three Iron Defenses and dodged all of the other attacks prior to it. It just felt cheap. :\
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