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Field of the Fallen
The man sighed as Jack muttered the word perfect. He gave a silent stare at Jack as he removed his mask. The elites face was disfigured, he only had one eye, his one eye was more larger than the average humans. He had no nose, except two holes under his eyes to give him air. "I don't expect you to be perfect... Noone is... I expect you to be a better trainer... More over, you think of us as immortal? We do not call judgment, were not gods, not queens nor kings... I learned that the hard way when I made my wish." He replaces his mask and tosses Charlie his spoon back as he snaps his Fingers, the Eevee stops in its tracks as it turns back to its master. Before the Alakazam could back-stab the Eevee, the defending pokemon does a sand attack, clouding Charlie's sight. "If this region was just like the rest where there were 'kings', you and your pokemon would have been killed by now; thats no threat, that's fact... If you see Irek again, ask him about the 'Banished Bloods,' and think it over before you start making excuses again." The elite digs through his white coat and drops a red letter in front of Jack. "Your missing person report... And for your pokemon..." He places a box of Oran berries over the red letter, sighing. "My name is Alexander... I am the weakest 4 of the elites and my signature pokemon is the Eevee that was running at Mach 9 a moment ago... Good day to you... I have an exile to find before he causes more trouble..." Alexander walks towards Alpha and hands the psychic pokemon a bluish berry. "I hope your trainer comes to his sense before the finals. I'm looking forward to it." Alexander then leaves Jack and Charlie in the dust of their defeat as he ducks into a cave and begins his search of his target.


Missing Person Report: Kiba

Trainer in the given description has been sighted [3] times.

Trainer fitted description but had pokeballs in use. Did not have pokemon out, nor did team fit the given description

Trainer fit the description perfectly, team nor appearance did not. Accompanied by Lucario, last seen at Heroes Loft, heading South East.

Trainer seen at Pokemon Center, packing up outside with supplies before teleporting to an unknown location. Attempting to track. Trainer fits body-type description and facial description on file, accompanied by Lucario.

Still searching, will present a final report by sunday next week.

Earth & Sky
Department of MIA Trainer's
Leviathans Bastion: Block 3
East Cliffs
Irek looked down, thinking and it hit him. "If shes in an old mill, then she's probably near the Melody Grove. Its a set of ruins of the earliest settlers to Lethia... Shadoan, may I see your map?" Shadoan present his fold out map and made marks. "She's that way..." Irek pointed west as Shadoan turned back to his gear. "You'll see what we found when we find you, just stick around and try not to get hurt... Or in any more danger." Shadoan hangs up, closing the phone app as he turns to Irek. "What about the rampaging pokemon?" Irek shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "Something must have happened, Until I get my mail form the Bastion; I'm as clueless as to whats happening now... Unless..." Irek turns back towards the direction of the airship and his eyes narrowed. "Charlie, Jack's pokemon did something to one or more of the pokemon in one territory. That would cause pokemon making an attempt to take over the other territory while they're weak..."

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