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For GBA games this sounds a bit too much of work. Mainly because on both FR/LG and R/S/E games the other region pokemon (and even then only a handful) would become available. Not everyone has GBA or link cables. =( Nor the will to play on an emulator.

Simplest example would be on Fire Red (first thing that came to mind)
  • I'd want to use a Murkrow, just a simple Murkrow.
  • But since I play on cartridge and on a DS, I can't hack or trade it in. =(
  • Murkrows are available in the game, but only at Lost Cave, which is post-game I think
  • They are from JDex originally(johto region pokedex). Although even on GSC you could get murkrow only once you got to Kanto, but that's a whole different thing...

Or am I understanding this wrong?

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