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>Search suitcase take anything of interest
You snag the tape and toss the clothes out of the way, seeming to not care about anyone's personal belongings anymore. On the bottom of the suitcase is an "Extra Energy" brand candy bar. It is larger than your standard candy bar, but thinner as well, the packaging features an inviting red color and various words like "Radical" and "Sensational". As you pocket it swiftly you see someone running over the horizon, shaking something menacingly at you.
Tapes Taken: One of Four
Collect all of them for extra scenarios!
Food Stolen: Two of Ten

Clear exits are North to the Mansion, and South, to the angry figure.
Pudge? Wasn't the Marowak named Plump earlier? xD
OOC: Oh, thanks. I wouldn't have noticed!
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