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IT HAS STARTED! [Crappy post, but in my defense it has been more than a year since I last RPed xD]

Okay, let me keep it clear this time, Humans, if you want, you can proceed to Nicolas for the special scouting trip of Route 103. Or, you can stay behind and watch Mikkelson's ceremony. Mikkelson, of course, stays behind for the ceremony d: Remember, only two members will be chosen for the scouting trip, but even if you're not, you'l end up getting involved sooner or later. ;]

Caerulus Tribe members, start from Lavaridge this time. Describe your preparations for the trip [All of you are going]! Tray and Adamantius are my characters, so don't bunny them.

Aecor tribe, same thing. Get prepared for the trip, and Kip and Aecor are off limits.

Make sure sure none of you attacks any other tribe member/species because the fighting is yet to start!

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