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∣ Jade
Outside ShoWare Center

Chapter One: Part One
Another Day

Jade yawned slightly, though she never needed to sleep, so she wondered why this was. A physical sign of boredom? If so, it was dead-center accurate. She didn't know what was more boring; watching hockey, or sitting around near the entrance waiting for it. Her attention drifted back to Kyle, who at that moment pulled out his phone. It showed two new messages, and he deleted his mother's message without even opening it. "You dolt!" She shook her head. "That could've been important." She knew he wouldn't hear her, so she spoke freely around him. The only time she'd have to worry about pretty much anything was when there were other angels about-- or other potential hazards.

However, they were pretty much alone right now. No one else seemed to really care about Kyle's existence, which relieved a lot of stress for Jade. The last thing she needed right now was for Kyle to get into a fight with someone who may have a weapon. Her mind seemed to drift on forever but it turned out to be only a moment as when she looked back Kyle was reading the other message, deleting it as well. "You're never going to find friends if you treat them like that..." She sighed to herself, and, seeing as there was literally nothing to do at the moment, she pulled the bow from her back and began firing energy-arrows at the arena workers as they passed; safe, non-hazardous target practice!

She fired at the moving targets, hitting each one right between the eyes, in the ear, or dead-center behind their heads. However, this even proved to be boring her. She sat herself on the bench beside Kyle, sitting on top of the backrest with her feet down beside him. It was eerily silent this morning. However, something caught her attention, and she quickly swung her body around the bench and stood behind Kyle, facing away. She pointed her bow at an approaching person with what was assumedly an angel, but she could never make that assumption. "Halt!" She aimed her bow directly at the unknown creature's head, readying an arrow. "State your business here! how do I know you're an angel and not some demon in disguise?"