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Okay, I'm at a loss here.
Here's the code for a signature created by ZachLMedia:
[center][css-div="background-image:url(""); cursor:url(''), crosshair; width:500px; height:235px; border: 10px dotted #F8F4AD; position: relative;"][css-div="cursor: default; position: absolute; float: left; left: 5px; top: 5px; background-color:rgba(0,0,0,.2); width:263px; height:155px; overflow-y: scroll; border: 2px dotted black; text-align: left; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px black;"][img][/img]
[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkOrange"]☆ Pearl Friend Code: 0174 0881 4398[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Silver"]☆ White Friend Code: 1163 1311 5842[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Silver"]☆ White 2 Friend Code: 2366 3546 6715[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]☆ Add these for trades!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Lime"]☆ 3DS Code: 5069-3912-3062[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Lime"]☆ Let me know if you've added me![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Plum"]☆ Next most anticipated Pokémon games:[/COLOR] [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]X[/COLOR] [COLOR="Plum"]and[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Y[/COLOR][COLOR="Plum"]![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkOrange"]☆ Currently playing:[/COLOR] [COLOR="Silver"]Pokémon White 2,[/COLOR] [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]Picross e2,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Plum"]and Kid Icarus: Uprising.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/css-div][css-div="color: #000000; position: absolute; text-align: left; left: 5px; bottom: 5px; width: 100%; color: #F8F4AD;"]
[SIZE="5"][b][i][css-div="text-shadow: 2px 2px 0px black;"][title=Paired with ZachLMedia]★[/title] [title=Signature by ZachLMedia]★[/title] [title=Trust me, there's nothing under here...]★[/title][/css-div][/i][/b][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][b][i][css-div="text-shadow: 2px 2px 0px black;"]Totodile42 ~ Snorlax[/css-div][/i][/b][/SIZE][/css-div][/css-div][/center]

Now, when I go to save this as my signature, I get the message "BB Code size value is too big". The signature creator has tried inputting this as his signature, and said it worked fine. If anyone knows why this is happeneing, please let me know! Thanks!

☆ 3DS FC: 5069-3912-3062
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☆ Let me know if you've added me!

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