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This is a very interesting thought. Ive not completed a pokedex since gen 1, and even so, only did it to say id done it. these days, i wouldnt really try without having an incentive to do so, because it is just so hard.
saying that, i am currently working to complete it in white 2 (currently at about 440 pokes owned), because i want that damn shiny stone. to me, an item that makes my shiny hunts easier is worth it.
but, to a lot of people it isnt, and i think thats the problem: people will want different things. To me, the shiny stone is a nice touch, a step in the right direction, even though i still feel the reward should be greater. But ive also heard ideas in the posts above this for other rewards, such as battle/breeding items, which, for me personally, would be pointless, cos i couldnt care less about that stuff. or catching pre-coded shiny pokemon like the haxorus, which again, i see as pointless, cos it devalues that specific pokemon (it will become common, like the red gyarados). It really is a quandry what they can offer to people for completion, as everyone has their own ideas. perhaps they could make several items, and you get a choice of what you want? that would be a good middle ground. but i certainly agree that there should be a reward greater than a certificate, and probably greater than the shiny stone.
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