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ShinyDiamond- ohhh, he's just going to join Fairytail for awhile xD

Quote originally posted by Geras32:
So what all is in the dorm rooms anyway? Are they just empty rooms with two beds and a closet? Do they each have their own individual bathrooms, or do students have to share the ones throughout the building? Is there a kitchen, or do students have to go to the home-ec room or something to cook? Are there refrigerators, or any place to store food in the school at all? Stuff like that.

There is no kitchen there c: for the rest there's anything there that your character brought with him/her.

Nami and Elene's dorm room for example, has a tv and laptop and loottsss of games.

Quote originally posted by ShinyDiamond:
...If this is a joke, I'm not laughing.

I actually imagine Takumi to look like this xD

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