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Rick Cache - You Shouldn't Have Done That...

It was a slightly cold day, like many others that had gone by. The Sneasel had gone around looking for his Deerling friend i order to play around, like young Pokemon do carelessly the entire time.

Deerling couldn't be seen around. But the Sneasel kept on looking. And eventually, he found her. That brown derr was incredibly happy to see his friend, and so was the Sneasel. And as it ran towards her in order to play like they always did... It happened.

Next thing, Sneasel's lying on the ground, soon to bid farewell to his conscience. The trainer readying his Pokeball as he was about to ensure a capture. She had seen it all, and the female Deerling had been running around silently, looking for someone to help them. But she could not succeed, and decided to take a chance...

Leaping thru the Route, she quickly hit the Pokeball before it made contact with Sneasel. Only thing was, she touched the center of it, and was sucked by the capsule...

Now Deerling was struggling to get out of the Pokeball, but being a mer Poke-child, she was unable to do so, and ended up succumbing to the Pokeball's strength...


Serene Grace
-Double Kick

"WEA!" A faint cry is heard from far away, as well as a loud "BUCK!" that is quite near... Snow begins falling, and quickly turns into a harsh hailstorm.

"SAWS!" The source yells as a Sawsbuck comes out of some nearby bushes. It si Deerling's father.

"VILE!" A Weavile cries as it lands next to Sawsbuck. This is Sneasel's mother...


You may release two Pokemon at once in order to deal with encounter. You may not throw a Pokeball unless one of the two Pokemon has been knocked out. The hailstorm will fade once the encounter is over.

Sawsbuck knows Camouflage and Horn Leech. It is at Lv. 12
Weavile knows Night Slash and Ice Shard. It too is of Lv.12

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