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Gosh let me join the 'need to start critiquing more' boat! I swear I procrastinate more than enough to have the time to drop a few words!

Needless to say I absolutely love all your One Piece works, because One Piece is literally the B E S T thing ever! Omg words can't describe how glad I am that you work with OP stocks so often! //// Especially your uncanny ability to make them work so well when I've always found Oda's art and style particularly challenging to incorporate into an aesthetically pleasing tag. His art is just so flat and loose, you know? (Side note: Ask anyone who was around a few years ago when I was still staff-- I'M NOTORIOUSLY AWFUL AT ICONS LOL so pretty much any icon looks amazing to me! Thanks again for the beautiful Monet icon!)

Anyway, as always, your colors are absolutely stunning-- something I admire since color incorporation has always been a rather tricky thing for a lot of people I know. But since it seems like you're trying to break out of your comfort zone, I'll leave my comments for the latest tag, since it strikes me as most different from all your works so far!

Inverted Tag: I think this is a great idea, but not quite executed perfectly-- you know what might've been super cool? If you'd gone ahead and edited out the eyes, I feel like it would look much cleaner-- the sort of muddy pink of the eyes makes it feel a little LQ, and I think taking them out to make the face blank would've been really unique! (Or perhaps putting a censor bar over them? There's a thought!) Hmm from there, I think your paper texture's(?) grains are a little too big-- maybe make your stock smaller next time, so the grains aren't nearly as dirty? I think with pentooling-- and the smoothness of the shading on the art itself-- you might want to go for a cleaner look here. Also, personally I'd blur out the texture a little bit over his face so it's less strong there-- but that's just me! *V* It's got a lot of potential, but it seems a bit like a WIP to me more than a finished product? Great step towards working with textures and solid lines though-- I have a personal affinity for those kinds of tags, so I'm excited to see where you take this!

One Piece AMV: Oh, how unique! It's been a long time since I dabbled in AMV's, so my critique should probably be taken with a pound grain of salt-- But first of all, your timing is really great, no complaints there! That's what makes a good AMV after all! The rest are just little nitpicky details: There's a bit of a glitch in the song at 1:08, which is a little disorienting-- but I think specifically I would've liked to see a switch from the grayscale back to color at 00:55, since it kind of bounces into a stronger part of the song, and other than a change in scene there's nothing to note that change. (Though I do love the dash from Zoro at that transition, it's perfect!) The grayscale probably would've fit nicer up in the front, around 00:28, since the song's got a bit of a slow nostalgia feeling and the brightness of the beach kind of conflicts with the mood.

Ahhh, sorry I hope that was at least a little helpful! Basic gist: Love your updates, as always! *V*
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