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moments: Aww thank you! And... ahaha..... that's... exactly what I did...
I was just determined to use that stock! Haha, Tidus is so beautiful in that picture, but it's such a gross and grainy stock-- I shouldn't have sharpened it up again, but I couldn't resist-- though I do still have the unsharpened version? I can see how gross it looks on the fractal too-- GAH maybe I should've started working with a 200px tall tag and then resized later. Darn, old tricks I forgot about! :'( Thanks for your encouragement though!

Derozio: Ohh thank you so much! ;7; I was actually biting my nails over the text- I used to have so many things I'd use to embellish text, but I've since lost all those resources (including fonts in general), so I was just pulling from my ass. o<-< I'm glad it's growing on you though, it's kind of growing on me too! (AND I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THERE'S AN ACCEPTABLE DEPTH gah depth is the bane of my existence!) In retrospect, I probably could've done better on the placement of the bokeh-- that one white dot is just making my skin crawl! LOL, but aaah thank you again for your lovely comment, critique, and encouragement!

HMMM I dunno if I'll dabble in GFX again-- perhaps not until all my art deadlines and gifts are done and over with. It was a fun foray though, so maybe the hiatus won't be a year+ this time!
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