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Oh oh, your Samurai X drawing is amazing! Wish I could draw traditionally as well as you do!

I love the detailing on the hair of the girl up front-- that shine looks like it took forever, and it's placed so nicely! (And jesus there are so many details I can't even fathom all the patience that would require /wheeze) I think I'd really give you all your kudos if the white hair(?) also had the same lines to define the flow of it-- as of now, it looks a little blocky in comparison to the silky sheen of the black hair!

I'd suggest further that maybe you should try to practice the balance of your faces a little? The nose and mouth are a little too close together, while the eyes seem a little too far apart! The former seems to be a recurring thing in most of your art, so I'd try to put a little more distance in between-- just to give a little more room for the philtrum between the nose and lips! Also, particularly on the Samurai X picture-- I think if you're going to shade the bridge of his nose, it'd be a good idea to define the cup of the nostrils, and not just the holes themselves!

My personal favorite in your gallery- out of your non-pokemon works, is definitely your Aqua Girl. The perspective is great-- and while it does need a little tweaking here and there, I think it's so great that you're expanding your angling skills like that. I need to take a page out of your book and learn a little myself! orz

Now I don't know anything about drawing pokemon, so I can't crit on that-- BUT I LOVE THOSE DOT EYE PLUSH POKEMON CHIBS omg I'm just dying over how squishable that chikorita and bulbasaur look-- and the charmander omg the charmander aaah they would make THE cutest charms/stuffed animals!

Anyway, hope to see more from you soon! Sorry for all this rambling o<-<!!