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Quote originally posted by Damned:
Man, I really wish Tyranitar learned Dragon Dance through leveling up instead of breeding...
I'll maybe add that move to Tyranitar in the next patch.
I'd like suggestions on what lvl would it learn though.

Quote originally posted by Damned:
Anyway, one more possible graphical oddity I found...the top two pixels of Charizard's back sprite's eye are missing.
I'll check his sprite when I get home.
Though if I remember correctly, I didn't touched his sprite. I only repointed it.

Quote originally posted by Damned:
Also is Attack Order and Defend Order in this hack? Vespiqueen is not quite as useful without those two moves.
If those moves don't exist in the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald era, then no, they don't exist.

Quote originally posted by RPD490:

....I see what you did there Jagold. ;D
I'll quote my response on one of the members from FIMFiction...
Quote originally posted by destinedjagold(from
That was completely a coincidence! xD
I was not a brony, nor have I heard about MLP during that time.
Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!
by the time somepony pointed that one out, at first I thought he was referring to that Twilight movie, where vampires "Sparkle"... xD
Quote originally posted by Kirby39:

Glitch reports? I have arrived!

In addition to the ones previously mentioned...

.Buizel (Joseph's Buizel) has Hyper Cutter instead of Swift Swim.
Cherrim can learn Slash, Scary Face, DragonBreath and AncientPower via Move Re-learner.
Beatote has noticeably lower stats than Illaimant.
Wujifin has the same stats as Lugia.
Vespiquen learns Splash in lieu of Slash.
Rayquaza is significantly weaker than the other Dragon Gods as he retains his original stats.
Some movement position errors in the Safari Zone and Rainbow Path that allow you to walk over the tops of the rocky-cliff-things.

It's possible to walk above the warps to a grassy plateau on Low Point Path. Just prevent players from moving beyond the Arrow-point-warps.

Edge of Time.

The borders of Mt. Leon are a different shade to the other rock tiles. This is in the middle two of the four sections of the mountain.

Movement position and tile error in Safari Zone.

Hevah League tile error.

If I recall correctly, this man has not Machop, but Glaile.

I've noted the lack of proper bottoms on these doorframes. This is in the Contest Hall building. I believe there are more instances of this in the interior of Hevah Academy.

Text error in Silver Town.

goes to...

The gap between rocky mountainlike structures leads to a forest exit. This one is slightly more opinion-based, but I felt I should mention it nonetheless.

Thanks. I have fixed them now.
Well, most of them anyway.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
It's either about Shaman in different timeline or about Shaymin...
Seeing people talking about Shaymin and writing Shaman made me wondering which of these meanings people mean...
Ditto. :\

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