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Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
Hey guys, glad you enjoyed all of this, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did planning it. xD

First of all, to answer Garet's question. Ever since Kivir left, I decided to remove him from this part and instead say that his character decided to go with the Alpha Alliance armies. So he is not around.

As for your second question, let me lay out a small timeline, as of this moment:

1 1/2 years ago: The Silver Tribe first attacks.

6 months ago: The final defense of Gold City occurs, where the city is taken, and most of the Gold Tribe is killed, including 'Rey'.

1 1/2 months ago: The events of Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning began.
Eh, I haven't posted as much here in the OOC. Anyway, I felt like trying to establish another time-benchmark...thing.

The above quote was posted at the time that the Gold Tribe's ambush just outside the Thieves' Forest was caught in the Silver Tribe's own ambush. That ambush was, I think, a week at most before the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance took back Albia. Another three days before the Gold Tribe goes to the Golden Catacombs and learns of the Gold and Silver Crystals, then a few hours more before they leave for Cape City. About a day, then, before the Gold Tribe arrived in Cape's tunnels and were gassed. However long before they woke up, then here we are. my estimation, we can tack another 1/2 month onto the above. I realize this was just the Gold Tribe's side of things. I'm sorry if this turns out to be irrelevant.
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