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Originally Posted by xSvenx View Post
I have another question. I just finished the main story of Pokemon Ranger: Explorers of Darkness.
I loved it (tho I loved the red rescue team's end bit better), and I just noticed that Explorers of Sky has some stuff in it that Time and Darkness do not. So my question is, if someone who played both t/d and S, if it's worth getting Explorers of time, even after I finish the Darkness (including the post-game story. I would like to get it, but only if it includes a lot of extra stuff.
Well... I strongly believe that Sky is the best of the MDs.
I mean... it has special episodes that give out more information about the characters...
I might spoil you but you will see what happens with Grovyle

Originally Posted by xSvenx View Post
Also, is there any significant differences between Darkness and Time?
Nope. Only some Pokemon differences.
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