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Quote originally posted by xSvenx:
I have another question. I just finished the main story of Pokemon Ranger: Explorers of Darkness.
I loved it (tho I loved the red rescue team's end bit better), and I just noticed that Explorers of Sky has some stuff in it that Time and Darkness do not. So my question is, if someone who played both t/d and S, if it's worth getting Explorers of time, even after I finish the Darkness (including the post-game story. I would like to get it, but only if it includes a lot of extra stuff.
Well... I strongly believe that Sky is the best of the MDs.
I mean... it has special episodes that give out more information about the characters...
I might spoil you but you will see what happens with Grovyle

Quote originally posted by xSvenx:
Also, is there any significant differences between Darkness and Time?
Nope. Only some Pokemon differences.
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