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Zepheros (Zeph)

"You're better off not listening to things that you don't understand. If I catch you eavesdropping again, I swear to Groudon you'll end up on my dinner plate the next day." said the Blaziken. "And don't go around spreading these silly lies in the town."

Zepheros snorted and tilted his head up, peering down at him by just a little to test the waters. "Dinner plate? You can try."

With a casual shrug, the Staraptor turned around and looked behind his shoulder before moving on. "Oh, and by the way - lies? You out of everyone else should know about our tribe's condition. I suggest that you either do something to help us, or stay out of our way and light yourself on fire...oh wait."

With a smirk of amusement, Zeph watched as Trev left him and headed towards someone else - a Dragonair and a Haxorus. Ignoring the fact that they could be mere friends or allies, the Staraptor jumped into conclusions straight on(and not knowing too). Hm, strange couple, especially when it comes down to size and all. How can they even make out?

"Nothing is wrong," came the Haxorus' reply while letting out a raspy laugh. "If you'd give me a leave for a guess, I'd let my nose do the work. The thing smells like ****, if you ask my nose."

Zeph chuckled at Lordus' reply and left the area with a mellow grin under his sharp, alert eyes. Foreshadows of future events? I think so.

Right then, a familiar figure entered the fray, causing Zepheros' eyes to lock onto his target thanks (to his natural hawk-like instincts). In came Galeno, an Ampharos that had been dwelling around here for a while now. Here for the meeting as well?

Curious to know the others' thoughts about the upcoming war, Zeph pushed his silent and stalk-ish personality aside and hovered towards the electric type, standing beside him and looking at the pokemon with the corner of his eyes, keeping that '(seemingly) superior yet classy' style of his. "We've never talked before, Galeno; what do you think of the upcoming war and the tribe itself?"


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