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I'd definitely say Pelipper. Everyone is scared of Pelipper because of its 4x weakness to electric type moves, but if you have, i dont know, a swampert it gets much easier. Pelipper has amazing HP and works great if you can avoid electric types
And i taught surf to pelipper so I could keep better moves on Swampert.

ps. if you use swampert use ice beam!!!or blizzard!

Quote originally posted by FlameChocobo:
Slaking is really brutal. His overall base stats with Attack being 160 makes Whitney's Miltank look like a Magikarp.

Whitney was never really ever a problem for me in all of my silver runs. The last time I played I knocked out all of whitney's team using my HM Slave furret. its was only like lvl 16 or so.


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