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I made this thread because I needed a space to share my thoughts other than DA, so here are some free verse poems of mine:

A rule for life

Exchange is what we create in order to
feel complete.

But no one knows why that only
changes tears, in pathetic, useless

What matters after all? Isn't it people
around that fakes our love? No, what
matters is way beyond.

What matters is really a good lie. The
one we live in, everyday when we all
wake up. Working hard to cherish that
honor made by big fishes, looking up
to see their fins in approvation.

What we really need to do is a letter on
a bottle, you can be a roller with
disorders that makes a giftbox with the
word, or you can be a poor man trying
to buy a boat.

The key to success in this lie, is sadly
but simple, ask for spoon, fork and knife
with your dinner.

I am next to you

Got soaked by the drips,
Like at pure scene of gore.
Her soul would never sleep,
Til' she's living out that core.

Black roots grow beneath,
The extensive list of scars.
Rib by rib she was indeed,
without a trace falling apart.

There's no one that could ever,
Look up, and see your stars.
And chase for death who's clever,
That hated filled-up heart.

She was suffering from her veins,
Had twisting broken bones,
There wasn't cure for all her pain,
That could carry on that long.

But this one goes out,
To that one last stand.
She actually died poisoned,
without any foot in land.

Up there they'll lurk,
Her concience and cries,
Keeping even the warmest,
and coldest of her lies.

The ones she once told,
saving the truth they hide
Rest in peace, miss, I pray,
You're getting back on tide.

Don't worry my dear friend,
Go on for your last ride,
Keep calm, and hear me say,
I'll always be at your side.

I can see it, you're almost there,
Don't look back, keep going and fly,
I swear we'll meet soon again,
So here's my last goodbye.

Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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