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Zeph watched as Galeno nodded back with his reply, letting out a rather typical yet sensible answer. "The humans. Those ones are the parasites we need to remove from Hoenn, if you ask me."

Maybe Galeno is smarter than I expected. At least he makes sense, unlike Trev, he thought with his eyes full of concern (though only for a couple of seconds). Then, the Staraptor turned to the Galeno, looking at him eye to that the electric type had sparked up his interest. As usual, Zeph's eyes softened a little while listening to what he had to say. It seemed that at first the Staraptor would be quite ntimidating, but upon hearing something interesting or meaningful, he would listen in a more warm-hearted fashion.

"Your answer makes sense," Zepheros started with a barely-visible grin. "This region used to be exclusive to Pokemon. We need to make them look like outcasts, not new dictators of the land."

The bird, however, had a spark of complexity and wisdom behind his sharp, crimson eyes. "But there's more than just fighting humans head on. Battling against them will only weaken our forces, and more importantly we have no idea how powerful they are. If we lose, then it's over for our tribe. If we win, we will still be weakened and Ruber has a high chance of defeating us. On the other hand..."

Zeph then gazed at the skies, looking at the direction where the Ruber tribelands stood miles away from his vicinity, safe from harm and potential threats. "If we fight Ruber or co-operate with the Humans in attempt to defeat them, that would also be dangerous. By co-operating with them, they will know more about Hoenn's landscape - one of our strongest advantages. Also, once Ruber's gone, there's no doubt that the Human Republic would launch a full scale attack on us as well."

Turning back to Galeno, he silently apologized for ranting on like that, but continued with his conclusion, not knowing that the others could eavesdrop on him. "I don't know much about this meeting. Not yet. We will probably head towards the cities that are closer to the prepare, I assume. Either way, it's not wise for us to make the first move. We might be mainly composed of rock and steel types, but we shouldn't just use our heads for bashing through walls.'


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