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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
People were talking about fapping to stuff, Tara. Awkward stuff. loool

And Tara, actually the pre-timeskip part was the best part of the series, imo. Though Pain arc was pretty good too. o3o; Also,

Naruto - 623 chapters
One Piece - 700 chapters

It, at times, baffles me that people say One Piece is too long for them to read/watch even though Naruto is pretty much up there as well. :/


To each their own, Derozio. To each their own.

Also, don't even start with the whole 'how long' deal. There is a huge difference between the two for me and that is simply that I have been on and off following Naruto for years and watched part of the anime in place of reading the manga. You have to consider when someone started reading/watching one or the other. I'm sure people who watched/read One Piece since the beginning think the same about Naruto. These days I do not have the time nor am I in the mood for starting a manga that is 700 chapters long. Thank you.
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