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Quote originally posted by Ajduk:
Thanks for your reply.

And what about endgame content?
Is there only the world championship or is there a battle frontier as well?

Also, can you go more then once on the world championship?

I find the previous pokemon games(until emerald and including fr/lg) boring because the lack of endgame content.

Also, what about Electivire? He can evolve only by trade and I don't see him on the trade pokemon list. :O
I took a break, so I'm still in Zhery. Finishing up Mt. Winter, in fact (though I have tested something by playing through Steam HQ and the final Gym on someone else's save). I thus don't know about post-E4 content.

That noted, I will look further into Electivire. It's possible it got missed, as well. However, I do know that it evolved by an item introduced in the 4th Gen. and thus I have no information on how to evolve it. If no evolution is found, I will have to add it in some highly electrified area.

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