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Probably the first time ever I actually felt emotional during the game was during PMD1(red)
The end was really sad and then it ended really happily so yeah. On the other hand, as much as the PMD2(darkness) touched me, it didn't have the same effect, yes it was sad, but it was completely different. The first part was sad, everyone knew what was coming, and what was going to happen, everyone were together, sad etc. while
in the PMD2 the most emotional part was supposed to be be when player vanishes, and when everyone finds out about it. I didn't like the way they did it very much, I mean, the player and it's partner are walking on the flying stone bridge (bad place for climax, no?) and the player is literally like
Player: "partner,btw I didnt tell you I am about to disappear"
Partner:"Oh, no but I cant go on on my own, oh well"
*Poof* he disappears
And even worse, instead of showing the scene where everyone finds out what happened with player, the narrator just narrated it.

I expected at least to read something about it in those diaries of Sunflora and Bidoof, but nothing.
But the scene with crying Pikachu and Dialga restoring player was touching tho.

There, my complete opinion :D (I got a bit offtopic, sry )

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