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Ahhh, so another Fairy Tail fan! Nice to see more of those around. <3 I'm a FT fan myself! Who's your favorite character? My favourite has to be Ezra Scarlet, or maybe Mirajane... I'm not sure myself; they're all pretty amazing. Anyways, welcome to the forum!

Pokemon Emerald is one of my favourite pokemon games too. <3 I've said this before, but, I find the region to be quite interesting; I mean, for one thing, it's a tropic region, y'know? The cities are very interestingly built too! And another thing is that the majority of my favourite pokemon, like Milotic, Flygon, Roselia, Absol, Altaria, are native to Hoenn as well. So yeah, glad to see another fan of the 3rd gen. ^^

Anywho, I'm glad to see that you've finally started posting! I hope that you'll enjoy yourself. :3

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