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A New Day, A New Disaster
In every newspaper, all over the TV and even the internet the news flooded the media:

"Team Rocket in The Trainer's Academy!"
"TM Shop robbed! Spies uncovered! Trainers injured!"

Upon further inspection of the news, which could be watched from one of the TVs of which there were at least one in each Dorm Room's common area, one could observe that several anonymous students had fought with a Team Rocket spy in the school yesterday, and that the spies identity had been eventually revealed by none other than Cynthia after she questioned the seeming 'student' privately and did background checks to uncover a web of very fishy information. At the same time however, several armed, masked males and a blonde haired female sporting blue eyes and a rather muscular build burst into the TM Shop just after it closed, stealing all it's exceedingly valuable TMs and provoking a seemingly wild electrode until it exploded, destroying the shop entirely and injuring several people in the building next door, as well as trainer William Rogers attending the academy, who was found unconscious in the rubble--It's theorized that he may have attempted to stop the burglars and have been defeated and restrained. William is currently being held in The Academy's infirmary, and it's quoted as a miracle that he is still alive.

The TM shop has been temporarily relocated to Oak Town's local pokemart while the original site is being cleared and the building rebuilt. Trainers may have difficulty finding the TMs they need today, as not all TMs were in the reserve.

In other news, a strange girl described as wielding supernatural, ghost-like powers escaped prison today through unknown means after she was apprehended and imprisoned while assaulting a student that illegally entered the Dead Forest by none other than Professor Gary Oak quoted as finding the student's choice to enter the forest against local law enforcement's wishes as insultingly naive. Police awoke to the girl's cell bars pulled apart, leading them to suspect pokemon were used in her freedom. Law enforcement describes the young female as a girl wearing a black fedora and female tuxedo top over a white dress shirt complete with a black mini-skirt and very messy shoulder-blade length brown hair.

Law enforcement has stated that she is likely armed with pokemon and dangerous, as they were unable to confiscate her pokemon during her original capture. However, they have opted not to divert resources to finding her in favor on focusing on the more imminent Rocket presence. Students are advised that the Dead Forest is still off-limits by order of local law enforcement, and that students found trying to enter may be detained for their own safety.

Hilda - Academy Office (Intercom)
Meanwhile, a pleasant female voice spoke up on the intercom after students had had a while to wake up, roughly around the time of breakfast. Those who recognized it, and most wouldn't, would be able to identify it as the teacher of the Community Service and Vigilantism class.

"Good morning students--If you could give me your attention for a moment, I've got something very important to announce." she asked, waiting a moment in anticipation of some students being reluctant to finish their conversations. "We've become aware of a threat from Team Rocket at the academy. Last night the TM shop in Oak Town as attacked, leaving a student in serious condition and causing severe damage to the surrounding buildings. Another student was attacked in our very own hallways. This is not something to take lightly--Be aware of what goes on around you. We're very confident that there is a Rocket presence on the island, and we're fairly certain they're pretending to be students right around us. If you ever feel like you're not safe, or you suspect that one of your fellow students is part of Team Rocket please grab a teacher immediately." she warned. Standard procedure, with a touch of personality. After a moment however, she continued.

"This morning in Community Service and Vigilantism, the class I was invited to teach here at the academy, we'll be putting a lot of focus on the vigilante part by working to protect the island from some of the threats that have been effecting us lately. We're going to go on the offensive and try and put a stop to some of this. I hope everyone attends, because we're a class that can't afford to lose people and I'm looking forward to it." she said, before the intercom finally clicked off, leaving students to whatever they were trying to get done before.
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