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t-wave/signal beam over shadow ball on jolteon twave stops the weather abusers from tearing through your team(chloropyl e.t.c.) signal beam like shadowball hits cresselia harder but also does a little more damage to tyranitar
personally I would remove thunder for protect because you can protect jolteon while your teammate ko's the threat

heat wave is a nice move but I find it's accuracy loses me games overheat is a nice alternative as your team is looking to kill quickly
protect over mach punch same reason as jolteon life orb might be more viable if you want to keep mach punch

latios doe what hydreigon does better the only thing it has going for it is flamethrower and stab dark pulse where as you could trick scarf onto cresselia and effectively cripple it while still remaining relatively fast with latios but if you cant get latios I suggest using a life orbed set with fire blast instead of flamethrower and protect instead of u-turn

a fast water pokemon? first to pop into my head is starmie excellent coverage very fast and a usable special attack that works well with life orb or specs if you want more power or just for the fun of it choice banded azumarill with aqua jet not great but provided sun isnt up it does decent damage with nuetral hits and if rains up almost everything is
2hko'd by waterfall

as for replacing alakazam what do you have the most problem's with? it'll be easier to recommend something but if there are no obvious problem's my favorite's are espeon,scizor and terrakion

espeon: magic bounce,dual screens and heal bell
scizor: it's scizor?? resists lots of things and punches holes in stuff
terrakion: after garchomp got nerfed terrakion has become my new favorite does pretty much the same thing as chomp 2 really strong stabs and and awesome stats the only decision is choice band or choice scarf. a dance set isnt really viable in doubles

just had another look at your team you have no outs to the genies or dragon's weavile has ice punch but scarfed landorus easily deals with him and most of your team in the sand ice shard might make it easier to deal with scarf saladmince just outrages everything and out speeds hydreigon scizor can take an outrage but it cant ohko it on its own
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