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Hrm. I guess I haven't updated my Water Monotype since the first time, so yeah...

Some time after beating Brock, I spent a good bit of time training my Magikarp until it finally evolved into Gyarados. Squirtle became Wartortle along the way. Misty was pretty easy. It's not that hard to beat the water Leader with Water types tbh. So, after that was Surge. By that point I was pretty over powered. So, after that I was pretty much working on other challenges for a long while. Eventually, I made it to Rocket Game Corner and retrieved the Silph Scope. Then I avoided most of the trainers in Pokemon Tower until I saved Mr. Fuji. Once I had the Pokeflute, I woke up the Eastern Snorlax and got the Super Rod. I went and caught a Poliwhirl and a Staryu and began training. I pretty much evolved them both right away and loaded them with TMs. Once I had my two new Pokemon up to lvl 30, I took on Erika. Starmie's Psychic made quick work of them. Then I made my way along the Bicycle path, and challenged Koga, once again, a victory.

Current progress: 5/8


Lvl 37
-Mega Punch
-Water Gun

Lvl 37
-Double Edge
-Water Gun

Lvl 37
-Body Slam

Lvl 38
-Ice Beam