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Hey everyone I just wanted to share something with you all. I am a big fan of the original Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow versions and I know Nintendo released a re-make, but you cannot play the originals or remakes on the current DSi or 3DS hardware so I figured instead of selling hard copies of the games they could put them on the eShop for the DSi and/or 3DS for say $15.00 each. Of course it will still be in 2D and still look like the originals.

You would have the option to buy Red, Blue, Yellow, and the remakes individually for $15.00 or buy them all for $50.00. The $50.00 bundle would be selling them for $10 each. *prices could change. These prices are made-up for theoretical purposes only*

I personally would love this to happen so I can play these games on the go, instead of on my emulator. I unfortunately lost my physical copies through moving around a lot as a kid. So the questions I have for everyone here is:

1. Would you like for this to happen? why or why not.
2. Also which version would you buy or would you get the bundle?

*Everyone interested in seeing these Pokemon classics return please sign this Petition and spread the word fast! Thank you in advance! *

If you add me on your friends list on the 3DS please private message me on here with your code and friend id name so I may add you as well :D
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