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Originally Posted by pikachu4249 View Post
Why don't they just rerelease it as a 3DS game with generations 2-6 Pokemon into the game to make it appeal towards a younger audience. The game would still have the same Graphics and storyline and everything else. They could make it 20$ and call it a deal.
That could work, but some may just want to play only Generation 1 (151 pokemon) which was the Red, Blue and Yellow. $20.00 is a great deal for the consumer, but its questionable for the company.

There are many match ups and price variations that we and the company could come up with, but in the end the company needs to make a profit which can result to a high price depending on all the products distributed.

Either way though if I could play the classics on the go on my DSi or 3DS I would pay for it because it is a piece of my childhood and it would give people who never had the chance to play these games the ability to.

If we can have classic Atari games why can't we have classic Pokemon? Lol that's how I see it at least :D

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