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This is my revised list. I used it this weekend at a local league and against my gf and it did pretty good. I was able to collect energy and move them around quite well. Everything was going quite smoothly. It could have just been the draw I had but I really think my take on this deck could take me to at least top 16 at states.

3x Darkrai Ex
3x Sableye
2x Mewtwo Ex
1x Terrakion Ex
1x Landorus Ex
1x Bouffalant

2x Skyla
4x N
4x Professor Juniper
1x Cilan

3x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank City
3x Dark Patch
2x Dark Claw
2x Pokemon Catcher (I only have one currently)
1x Escape Rope
3x Energy Switch
2x Crushing Hammer
2x Energy Search
1x Computer Search (ace spec)

3x DCE
9x Dark
5x Fighting

I have no switch in because of Darkrai's ability which is any pokemon with a dark energy attached to it has free retreat. Which helps move Pokemon around the mat freely, even Mewtwo, Landorus, and Terrakion. But I was thinking of taking an energy switch out and adding a switch just in case I run into a Garbodor.
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